Make Wrinkles Softer Or Completely Disappear With A Wrinkle Filler Treatment

wrinkle filler in PerthWrinkle filler has become an increasingly popular procedure over the past few years. It is a fast, effective, and if done by experienced hands, safe treatment to help combat wrinkles and other aging concerns. What’s more is there is practically no downtime when you opt to have wrinkle fillers injected into your problem area.

It can be used practically anywhere on your face: your lips, cheeks, eyebrows, tear troughs, peri oral areas and temples. The doctor can fill in lines or wrinkles in and around areas, to volumise, and restore, facial features to a more youthful appearance. Whether your concerns include smoothing fine or ingrained lines, or achieving an overall more youthful, and pleasing aesthetic, there is a wrinkle filler treatment for you..

For people who would want to know if there are any special preparations that they should do before they go in to have their wrinkle filler treatment, it would be best to limit supplements and medications to avoid bruising. These include omega fish oil supplements, aspirin or anti-inflammatory usage, herbs such as gingko biloba etc. Please always consult with your treating doctor first if it is safe not to take your medication for a few days. It would also be best not to consume any alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your treatment. Other than that, there isn’t really anything else you need to worry about prior to your wrinkle filler procedure. Just know that at wrinkle filler Perth you are in experienced hands, and have a doctor that is highly qualified and able to give you natural results.

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The wrinkle filler that we use in our clinic is made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, giving our skin hydration, elasticity and suppleness. Given the wrinkle filler is made from this natural component, it has an extremely low to negligible risk of allergic reaction You have to keep in mind though, that as with any treatments, wrinkle fillers may have a few minor risks or side effects. The risk is quite minimal but it is possible that there will be bruising and swelling at the injected area. Small bumps or lumps may also appear where the filler has been deposited. More serious vascular complications are exceedingly rare, especially if the wrinkle filler treatment is performed by an experienced Doctor. The minor side effects of the wrinkle fillers will typically resolve within a week or two of the wrinkle filler treatment.

What most people like about this treatment is that it is quick and there is practically no downtime. In fact, you can do this during your lunch break and you can proceed with doing what you are doing with work after the wrinkle filler treatment is done. You will also be able to see results immediately after the treatment. The full effect will be evident approximately two weeks after the procedure and it will last for about 6 months to 2 years. It certainly varies from person to person but take note that if you are trying to lose weight, it may affect how long the wrinkle filler lasts. Results may not last as long especially if you have lost, or in the active process of losing a significant amount of weight. Another factor that will affect the result is smoking. So it would be advisable, not just for the longevity of the wrinkle filler treatment, but for your overall health and wellbeing, to stop smoking cigarettes if at all possible.

So if you have a wedding or other special event, or simply want to look like the best, more youthful version of yourself, book your wrinkle filler treatment today. Your friends and family will surely be surprised at how youthful you look but will be unable to tell exactly what it is that you have done. Unlike some more invasive surgical treatments where results can be quite obvious, with wrinkle filler injections, results are as subtle and as natural as can be.

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