Get Natural – Looking Sultry Lips With A Lip Enhancer

Perth Lip Enhancement If you do not have really thin lips but just want to improve how your lips look like, then lip enhancer is the answer. This is geared for women who want to enhance what they already have. This is a subtler option compared to the full on lip augmentation. Candidates for this procedure are those with uneven lips wherein the lower part may be fuller compared to the top lip. Or those who have already have full lips but just want to add definition. Lip enhancement Perth is also the go to treatment of women who want to restore the lost collagen on their lips.

As with lip fillers, lip enhancers have similar ingredients. It means that precautions, risks, and side effects would also be the same. So you should avoid medication and supplements that thin the blood at least a week prior to the treatment. As well as, avoid alcohol consumption and exercising for at least 24 hours before the treatment.

One very important factor for getting good results from your lip enhancement Perth, is make sure that you are only getting it from board-certified doctors. You should not take training and experience lightly when you opt for treatments that will greatly affect how you look like. Experienced doctors like Dr. Tandra Paul have already mastered the technique in applying lip enhancer that will make your lips look natural. Nothing over the top, but just subtle changes that will enhance how you look.

So what do you need to know about a lip enhancer treatment? Well, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of your time. And results will be visible immediately after the procedure is done. Slight swelling may be natural and will eventually subside in the next few days. Some people would want to know if getting lip enhancement Perth is painful. It actually depends on your pain tolerance. But numbing gels or creams will be applied before you get Perth lip enhancement. It is also possible to numb the area by using a dental nerve block. This will greatly help with eliminating the pain that is associated with these types of treatments. Also, the lip fillers already contain an anesthetic to reduce the pain that comes with the lip injection.

When getting a Perth lip enhancement procedure, it is important to keep your expectations realistic. It is possible that swelling can last up to two weeks, but is worst over the first few days. You have to be prepared for this as you may feel self-conscious about it in the days to come, and if you have a special occasion coming up, you should choose to have lip enhancer procedures done at least a few days prior to the event. Bleeding and bruising may also occur, and these are usually minor and self-limiting, but should be taken into consideration. To reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding, you should avoid alcohol in the preceding 24 hours, and avoid blood thinning medication including aspirin, anti-inflammatories, fish oil and vitamin E for a week or two before your lip enhancement treatment. Of course, always check with your doctor before stopping any medications.

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Make sure that you only go to a board-certified doctor who you can truly trust like Dr. Tandra Paul so you can be assured that you will be getting the best treatment possible.

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