Frown Lines

Frown-LinesFrown lines: Frown lines are a frequently treated area in the face, as their appearance often result in an ‘angry’ look. The frown lines are caused by the contraction of the Corrugator muscles (eyebrow depressors). These two muscles spread out, from above the bridge of the nose, heading laterally above the brows. Contraction of the corrugator muscles (frowning) leads to creasing of the overlying skins, thereby causing ‘frown lines’.

Frown lines can be either characterised as dynamic or static lines. Frown lines that occur as a result of muscle contraction creasing the overlying skin are called dynamic lines. Dynamic lines can be very effectively treated, and even eliminated, through the use of wrinkle relaxants.

Over time, due to genetic factors , and environmental factors, such as sun exposure and smoking, skin structure loses collagen and elastin, resulting in a loss of overall structure and integrity of the skin. This results in lines or wrinkles appearing even when the frown muscles are at rest and are called static lines. Static lines may be significantly reduced or softened through the use of wrinkle relaxants, or even the use of fine dermal fillers, but can not be fully eliminated

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