Forehead Lines

Forehead-LinesThe forehead muscles are comprised of two big strap muscles called the frontalis, used to elevate the eyebrows. The frontalis is a major muscle group in the use of facial expressions, for example when we look shocked or surprised. As with any of the other facial muscles, repeated use, can lead to the development of facial wrinkles and lines. In the case of the forehead, as the Frontalis contracts, the overlying skin creases, and horizontal forehead lines appear. These forehead lines are known as dynamic lines, appearing only when the muscles contract, and disappearing when the muscle is at rest.

As we age, the structural integrity of the skin diminishes, as the collagen, elastin, subcutaneous fat, and hyaluronic acid components break down. The result is looser, thinner, dryer and less resilient skin. Lines and folds appear within the skin of the forehead, even though the Frontalis may not be moving at all. Forehead lines that occur when the underlying muscle is at rest, are called static lines. Smoking, exposure to sun, lack of hydration, and genetic factors all contribute to the rate of development of static lines.

Dynamic lines are very effectively softened, and even completely eliminated through the use of wrinkle relaxants. Wrinkle relaxants are a natural purified protein that temporarily stop the injected muscle from contracting, and thereby, stops the overlying skin creasing and forming wrinkles. Wrinkle relaxants are the mainstay therapy for the prevention and treatment of forehead lines.

Static forehead lines cannot be completely eliminated, but wrinkle relaxants can be used to soften existing lines, and to prevent these forehead lines from deepening further. Injections of dermal fillers can also be used to further soften static forehead lines. Dermal fillers are made from a biocompatible gel made from a natural component of our skin called Hyaluronic Acid. They plump up, revolumise, and rehydrate from within the skin, helping to improve the appearance of static lines.

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