A Cosmetic Doctor In Perth You Can Trust

Cosmetic Doctor in PerthThe cosmetic doctor in Perth that you choose will either make or break the treatment that you want done. It is not only about the products and other high quality equipment used but it is about technique as well. More often than not, the result of a cosmetic procedure solely relies on the skill of the cosmetic doctor in Perth. There are certain types of procedures that are quite tricky, and even dangerous, to perform. For this reason proper training, experience, and skill are incredibly important factors that you should consider when in the market for a cosmetic doctor. That is why you should make an appointment with Dr. Tandra Paul when you are considering cosmetic injectable treatments.

Dr. Tandra Paul did not actually start in the world of cosmetic medicine. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Western Australia, graduating with Honours. After graduating, she has worked in several hospitals under different departments, and has worked for more than a decade as an Emergency Department doctor. She then discovered her true passion, that is cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. She embarked on this new career path to become a cosmetic doctor in Perth, a job that she loves and is passionate about.. She trained in a plastic surgery clinic where she got the skills and experiences that is essential for the work that she does today.

With years of experience under her belt, she has mastered the techniques necessary for performing different types of cosmetic treatments. As a Perth cosmetic doctor, she now specializes in non surgical cosmetic treatments. She uses the most premium wrinkle relaxants and dermal fillers, to achieve beautiful, more youthful features. Her main goal is for someone to look natural and more youthful, and not distorted or extreme results. The best result is when people notice that a person looks good and refreshed, but is not really able to determine that the client has had a procedure performed by a Perth cosmetic doctor

Being a Perth cosmetic doctor for years now, she now has loyal satisfied clients who are more than happy to endorse her treatments and the exceptional results she achieves. Her satisfied clients would go back to her once fillers and/or relaxants are needed again. Dr Tandra Paul has developed an outstanding reputation as a caring, experienced,ethical and safe Perth Cosmetic Doctor.

How to stay on top of her game as a cosmetic doctor in Perth

Dr Tandra Paul sees to it that she acquires relevant training. She knows how important continuous training is for the field that she has chosen that is why she does not stop learning about new technologies. She keeps up-to-date with today’s latest developments and techniques in the world of cosmetic medicine. That way she will be able to share the advances in cosmetic medicine to her patients.

So when looking for a cosmetic doctor Perth, only go to someone who has had the training to perform the procedure that you want. You certainly cannot go wrong with a cosmetic doctor in Perth like Dr. Tandra Paul. She has also made it possible for patients to conveniently book with her since she is available in a lot of different Skin clinics and salons throughout Western Australia. You would not need to travel far just go get a hold of a reputable cosmetic doctor Perth. Check out her website for her schedule.

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