Bunny Lines

Bunny-Lines‘Bunny lines’ is a very cute name, and refers to the straight, slightly diagonal lines, that run either side of the upper end of the nose, when someone smiles, laughs, or ‘crinkles’ their nose. As with lines and wrinkles that occur elsewhere in the face, bunny lines occur are caused by the creasing of the overlying skin, as the muscles on either side of the nose contracts. This usually occurs when someone smiles, laughs, or crinkles their nose. Over time, due to repeated muscle contractions, and as the aging skin loses collagen and elastin, these bunny lines may also occur at resat.

Bunny lines are very easy to treat. Through the use of small amounts of wrinkle relaxants into the muscles on either side of the nose, bunny lines can be significantly improved, or even eliminated altogether.

Bunny lines treatments are very safe, but it is advisable to ensure that you see a trained cosmetic specialist for this off label treatment. A detailed knowledge of facial anatomy is essential, as if the wrong nasal muscles are injected, the patient’s smile may be adversely affected.

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